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First think about your needs...
• Would you like your home to feel graceful and inviting when you are throwing a party?
• Would your day start off better if you had an ideal spot to have your cup of coffee and read the morning paper?
• Do you need a retreat for yourself, someplace to relax into at the end of a long day?
• Do you need a place to get extra work done that is away from family distractions?
• Would you like your home to be reflective of your character, desires and outlook?
Your home can be beautiful and uniquely yours. It can be something which you will be eager to return to. Whether you are remolding your current home or looking at buying a new one there are many things to consider. During our initial meeting, we’ll use the questions below to better understand your requirements, vision, and style.
Some questions are about your present environment, and how you would like it to change:
• What is working with your present residence or neighborhood?
• What is not working with your present residence or neighborhood?
• How do you use your home, what room or places in rooms do, you spend the most time?
• How do you use your yard? And how would you like to use it?
• Why do you want to change your home or build a new one?
• What is missing from your current home what activities and functions do you need to accommodate?
Some are about needs and desires:
• What is your lifestyle?
• Do you entertain often?
• Do you work from home?
• How often are you home?
• Where do you want to settle down with a good book, or a group of friends?
• Where is your space to concentrate?
• How can you have that space yet still interact with your family?
• What places do you go to away from home to relax?
• What styles of homes do you like?
• What do you think the new space, addition or home should look like?
And some are concrete and procedural:
• What is your budget?
• When would you like the work done by?
• What events may influence the time frame?
• Are you planning on living in the home while it’s being worked on?
• Are you planning on being involved in the construction process yourself?
• How much time and energy do you want to invest in the process?
• Who of the family will be most involved with the planning and execution of the project?
After the consultation, we’ll put together a written proposal itemizing scope, services and fees. Upon your agreement, we can begin your project.
4 Reviews
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Mar 2019

Paul created an ambitious and unique design for our home remodel. He was available throughout to help us with decisions as well as changes that needed to be made, including some at the last minute. W...Read More

Scott England
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Jan 2017

Paul provided great creativity and quality of design to my project. His timeliness and follow-up is great. I would highly recommend him for projects both small and large.Read More

Relationship: ClientProject Date: May 2015

Paul has been a pleasure to work with in all ways. He is not only a gifted architect, but brings to the design field his early hands-on experience with hammer and nail. That in-the-field know-how is...Read More

Relationship: ClientProject Date: Sep 2015

Paul's has been great to work with. Paul listened when we described what features and functionalities we wanted in our remodel. Even though sometimes my husband and I wouldn't value the same feature...Read More

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